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Tax advice

We specialise in ensuring that your Owner Managed Business is paying the correct (i.e. the least) amount of tax each year. The following common areas of tax advice are covered and many more:-

Corporation tax

Should I incorporate; Salary vs dividends; Company car vs mileage allowance; What expenses can I legitimately deduct from profits; How to efficiently extract profits from the Company; Property - in or out of the Company, and Use of flexible dividends

Income tax

Should I incorporate; What year end date should you use; What are the tax advantages of paying into a pension, SIPP, EIS or VCT; How to utilise tax losses; How to use your other family members tax efficiently, and How to use flexible dividends.

National insurance (NI)

Making full use of the government's Employment Allowance; What is the most tax efficient level of salary for NI purposes, and How can benefits in kind be used to reduce the amount you pay.


Should you registering for VAT even when you're below the threshold; Should you be using the Flat Rate Scheme to save tax, and How to maximise your input VAT, particularly with respect to motor expenses

Capital gains tax (CGT)

How to make full use of your tax-free band for CGT; Planning to maximise your Principal Private Residence Relief & Letting Relief on property; Using holdover relief, and Maximising Entrepreneurs Relief on the sale of your business

Inheritance tax

Using a will to maximise your nil rate band; Ensuring you utilise your business property relief; How to make the best use of your Annual Reliefs; How to invest your capital to reduce taper relief period from 7 years to 2 years; Making full use of your payments out of income, and Using trusts to avoid the cost of care home fees

Compliance services

In addition to tax advice I also cover all the compliance services associated with any ordinary accountancy practice:- Accounts preparation; Self-assessement Tax Returns; Statutory audit; Company Tax Return; Partnership Tax Returns; Payroll; Business advice, and Cashflow forecasting But we understand these services are really just a means to an end for clients.  What is really wanted are sound tax planning  ideas which will release additional cash for you to invest in, say, pensions, car, holiday i.e. the things that really make a  difference to your life. 
Tax Tips for small businesses